Next Generation MSP: The Evolution Past Pro-active. 

Repeatedly, we are approached by companies who have been let down. Generally through no failing of their own or their service provider. 

Transparency and accountability is the key. 

Fly past break/fix, move on from pro active and approach integrated IT; Strategy, Workstation, Network, Operations, Security and BDR with a Virtual CIO.

IT As A Service

Find the full benefit of a fully controlled and accountable system. Enable your staff, secure your environment and control your costs.

Staffing & HR

Meet the immediate and expanding IT labour needs of your company. Extrac manages the recruitment, HR and training aspects for your IT staff.  

Rental & Finance

Control the full spend of your IT requirements. Forecast, plan and control your IT spend over a 3 or 5 year period.

VCIO: Compliance, Policy and Audit

The parts small business' miss out. Ready-made IT policies or customised compliance consulting and independent auditing from professional consultants.

Better IT
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Specifically designed to enable better operation and to secure the functionality required to enable an industry leading business. 


Groupings of technology service products to solve specific issues experienced within your business. 


Find your technical direction and enhance your business offering. Work with Extrac to provide a roadmap for your business or have Extrac work with your board for independent advice.


If you have an internally managed project which needs guided labour or you require project management to roll out an internal change in the environment. Extrac project services are professional, transparent and timely. 

Extrac forms a key part of your operational supply chain, we help you reach your clients, service their needs, enhance your products and achieve your goals.

Our Motto: Transparency, Clarity & Trust

We are determined to be the most trusted brand in the industry. This means that we work, only with companies we can delight or deliver serious improvements to. 

Insights, opinions and tips relevant to IT and operations

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